Scavenger Hunt

Divide into teams of tw0. Assign one person to carry the bag of treasures. Follow your leader on a hike to find the items on the list. You have one hour to find all the items. First team back with all the items or the most points wins.

o Shark tooth (fossil)
o Stingray mouth part (fossil)
o “White” fossil
o Deer Track (take a picture)
o Hog Track (take a picture)
o Bird Track (take a picture, 2 bonus points if bird is identified)
o Alligator (take a picture!)
o Oak Leaf
o Pine Needle
o Bird Feather (2 bonus points if bird is identified)
o Bracken Fern Leaf
o Myrtle Bush Leaf
o Blade of Coggan Grass (careful, it’s like Sawgrass)
o Wild Grape leaf
o Fleabane Flower (you can pick this one)
o Tickseed Flower (Florida State Wildflower), take a picture
o Citrus Tree Leaf
o Acorn
o Pine Cone
o Leaf of a Cat Briar (1 extra point for a berry). Watch out for thorns.
o Cherokee Bean (Coral Bean) Flower (take a picture)
o Willow Tree Leaf (down by the river)
o Pond Cypress (take a picture, make sure it’s not a Bald Cypress)
o Piece of Dog Fennel (nature’s mosquito repellent)
o Caesar Weed Seed (nature’s Velcro, many people call it cockleburs)
o Spanish Needle Seed (hint: white daisy flowers, seeds look like black needles that stick to your clothes)
o Duck Weed (watch for gators!)
o Spanish Moss-Old Man’s Beard
o Big Foot (hint: he’s west of the mid-property fence & gate)
o Traveling Shoes (hint: kiddie camo crocs hidden in the trees. Take a picture!)

Please don’t pick any of the wildflowers, we need them to “go to seed” for next year. Before picking any leaves, may sure know what you’re picking!