We don’t actually have a walk-in store and have limited items for sale. Retail is not a major component of our business.

We have tee shirts on display on the porch, can holders are at check-in, in the display at check-in are some of the items we sell as well in the window on the back side of the office.

Souvenirs include tee shirts, foam can holders with straps, stickers, Canoe Outpost Tervis cups (limited amount), Peace sign and alligator Mardi Gras beads, shark tooth necklaces, Baseball caps with a gator bite out of them and postcards.

Supplies include firewood, ice, sodas and water in vending machines, playing cards, sunscreen, bug spray, and Action seatbacks. Seatbacks are for rent ($4 for the day, $6 for overnight).

Note: pictures of some of the items we sell can be found in the Photo Gallery or at our FaceBook page:

Paddling Equipment
New 17′ Grumman Canoes


(minor dings and scratches from shipping and being moved around)

Used17′ Grumman Canoes


(canoes have been repaired and never been in salt water, retired from service)

Used17′ Grumman Canoes


(includes 2 used paddles, 2 used cushions, 2 used horse collar jackets)

Used Kayak
None at this time
Used kayak


Emotion Cockpit (small, small yak, has repairs

Used T-handle paddle



Used boat cushion



(not available at this time)

New Orange Life jacket (PFD)



(jackets are required by law)

Laminated Peace River Paddle


Trail Map (8.5″ x 11″ Bartow to Arcadia)

Kayak Paddles
None at this time
Need parts for your Grumman Canoe? We have parts for the 17′ livery model.






Bow Seats



Stern Seats



If your vessel needs repairs, plastic or aluminum, we can give you an estimate. We have on-site staff that can aluminum weld, plastic weld, and can almost repair anything else. Price for repairs is $50 per hour. Send us a picture of the damage/repair and we’ll take a look.

Paddling Equipment Notes
  • Paddle accessories are only available with purchase of a canoe or kayak.
  • We do not sell ropes or holders for tying down purchased vessels. Make sure you make plans to transport your new purchase.
  • If you are looking for a new Grumman canoe other than the 17′ Livery model we have in stock, it will have to be special ordered and will take a while to get.In winter because the boats are under a layer of snow! Other times of the year, they will drop ship them for you. We will have to get estimates for you.
  •  All used equipment is sold as is.
For Sale

Fossil Sifters for rent or for sale at the Outpost are 12″ x 18″ made from P.T. 1 x 6 pine with beveled edges. The screen is 1/8″.

Fossil Kit
 $ 20.00

Sifter, laminated two-sided fossil I.D. sheet, gallon zip bag, trowel, info sheet on how to fossil hunt

Fossil Sifter
$ 15.00

Sifter only

Plastic Trowel
$ 2.00

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Laminated Two-Side Fossil I.D. Guide
$ 5.00

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For Rent
Fossil Sifter
$ 20.00 (deposit) sifter only

$10 back to you at end of day if shovel is in good shape. Make sure you bring it back to the office for your refund.

Fossil Sifter
$ 20.00 (deposit) shovel only

$10 back to you at end of day if shovel is in good shape. Make sure you bring it back to the office for your refund.

Make sure you bring it back to the office for your refund.


Need Firewood? We have a couple of different options. If you are camping at Oak Hill, you definitely need to buy some wood if you don’t bring it with you. There is no firewood at Oak Hill. You can also try to find wood as you come down the river but if it’s been raining, all wood will be wet and possibly scarce.

Cost to Customer
At Check-in:

$6.00 plus tax per bundle for 50 or more bundles at check-in (paid in one lump sum)
$7.00 plus tax per bundle at check-in
$25 for four bundles plus tax at check-in

Delivered to Campsite (campers already in camp and ran out of wood):

$7.00 plus tax per bundle delivered to campsite if 50 or more bundles
$8.00 plus tax per bundle at campsite, no quantity discount unless 50 bundles or more.
$500 plus tax per pallet for bagged wood delivered to campsite (81 bundles per pallet). NO refunds on any bags not used because it is a special order.

Misc. Supplies

If you need some supplies we don’t keep in stock, it is the price of the items plus tax plus $25 to send a staff member to the store.
We do have the following on site (no store run fee): All prices are at check-in. Add $1 to each item for delivery to Oak Hill.

1-Gallon Water


at check-in.

2.5-Gallon Water


at check-in.



(small tanks for stove & lanterns)

at check-in.

Bug Spray




Playing Cards


Toilet Paper


Note:  We will buy back bagged, unopened, new looking, bundles of wood at the price the customer paid plus tax per bundle. If customer paid by credit card, the refund is by credit card. Refund cash if paid by cash.

All prices, paddling and fossil hunting equipment, souvenirs, firewood, and misc. supplies are plus 7.5% sales tax.

Gift Certificates
Stop and Shop at Canoe Outpost-Peace River

Stumped at what to give someone on the holidays or their birthday or for a job well done? Treat them to a paddle trip on the beautiful Peace River. You can purchase a day or overnight Paddling Pass. Or, how about a tee shirt or a fossil book? We can customize your gift certificate anyway you like it. Buy a Paddling Pass and add seatbacks or tee shirts for that little extra surprise.

Send in a completed CCA form (see Forms in Trip Planner) or call us with your credit card number. We can mail a customized/personalized 8” x 11.5” cardstock certificate for $7.00 S&H plus the cost of the item/s or e-mail in 8” x 11.5” PDF format a custom/personalized certificate for $4.00 plus the price of the item/s. A regular 8” x 3.5” certificate can be mailed for $1.00 S&H plus cost of item/s.

All prices are plus 7.5% sales tax
All mailed certificates come with a color brochure.
All emailed certificates come with a pdf copy of the brochure

Paddle Passes for Fundraisers and Silent Auctions

Having a fundraiser and need an item for a silent auction? Fax, mail, or email us the details and a request for a donation and we’ll send you some paddle trip gift certificates. Each gift certificate comes in a separate envelope so you can auction them as a group or individually. Please, we only donate to non-profit organizations.

Contact Us
Phone Number



Canoe Outpost-Peace River
2816 NW County Rd. 661,
Arcadia, FL 34266

Make sure you bring it back to the office for your refund.