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Overnight Seatback


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Extra Paddle


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Extra Cushion


/ day trip

If you have your own boat but don’t have jackets you can rent ours if on one of our trips.

$3.00 per day

The law is that you must have lifejackets, not boat cushions in the canoe or kayak, it’s been law since 1996. Our rental canoes automatically come with jackets and cushions.
Paddleboards must have lifejackets too.

If you have your own paddlecraft and need to rent jackets, paddles, cushions, or coolers, you will be charged the replacement value of the item/s at time of check-in and if you’re back on time with our gear in the same shape you rented it, we will refund the difference between the refund price and the replacement price. If you’re not back on time, you have bought the gear.

A completed Credit Card Authorization is required for all paddle gear rentals by those with their own vessels.