Oak Hill Welcome


Oak Hill is 150 acres of the true, Florida complete with cypress swamp, piney ridge, oak and hickory hammocks, and unsurpassed views of the river. It’s located about halfway between Brownville and Arcadia and is a favorite stopping point for Canoe Outpost-Peace River picnickers and campers. Developed for the exclusive use of Outpost customers, Oak Hill offers a secluded lagoon, grassy fields, shaded picnic areas, picnic tables, scattered portable toilets, and hiking trails. Picnic and camping spots are scattered along the riverfront and marked with blue signs with the Outpost logo for the paddler’s convenience. Signs are high up in the trees.

For the day tripper, Oak Hill offers a place to get out and stretch your legs and let the kids and dogs run and play. Want to take a stroll and look for native fauna and flora? Oak Hill is the spot with a least five different ecosystems scattered throughout the property. Take a hike! The river in front of Oak Hill is also a popular spot for fossil hunting especially around the Hickory Hammock to Cypress Point camping areas. With all the big oak scattered around the property, Oak Hill offers a shady spot to get out of the sun and enjoy a picnic lunch.

For the overnight camper, Oak Hill does away with the frantic search for a camping spot. You can reserve a spot and take your time floating down the river to get there and not worry about someone beating you to a camping spot.  Got kids? Just have you camping gear delivered and all of you will fit in one canoe. If camping at Oak Hill, you do not share a camping spot, each group has its own spot. You won’t see other campers unless you walk out of your spot but you may hear other campers. We take in consideration the size of groups and if camping gear is being delivered or not when assigning spots. Paddlers may request a particular spot and we try to our best to make sure they get their favorite spot but we can’t hold the group spots for just a couple of canoes.  On Saturday nights during busy season, Spring Breaks, and holiday weekends, Oak Hill is only available to those wanting their camping gear delivered. Many camping spots are reserved as far as a year in advance. Worried about being out in the woods? There is usually someone nearby in case of trouble or emergency services has access to the property. When it’s camping weather, better make reservations for Oak Hill as soon as you can, it fills up fast. During busy times, it is still a wonderful place to camp but it’s more of a big community of happy campers with folks running around everywhere.

Every spot has at least one picnic table. There are a few scattered small grills in the smaller campsites. Every campsite has access to a portable toilet. via a short hike. The portable toilets are shared by other campers. You can, rent your own if desired.

On weekends, Oak Hill is extremely popular so if you’re looking for the total wilderness experience, you need to come during the week when there’s no one around. Groups of any size, from two people to 100 people can be accommodated. There’s a campsite for any size group or number of people.

The advantages of Oak Hill are that on the stretch from Gardner to Arcadia, camping spots are limited, we can guarantee you a spot. We can also deliver your camping gear to a spot which is real handy when the river is low or you’re paddling with kids and need the room in the canoes. Not sure you want to be out in the “wilderness” alone? Oak Hill is perfect, there is usually someone in the area and staff is only a short drive away. When it’s camping weather, better make reservations for Oak Hill as soon as you can, it fills up fast.

Oak Hill is perfect for the beginner camper who just trying out the Florida wilderness (you’re not out there totally on your own), the family with a few kids (everyone can go in one canoe) or for the experienced canoe camper who just wants a short paddle, camp in luxury (have your gear delivered and bring all the extras), and take it easy.