Oak Hill Guidelines

Oak Hill is only accessible by paddling. We will not drive anyone into Oak Hill. No one other than Canoe Outpost-Peace River staff can drive into Oak Hill. You cannot bring a boat and picnic or camp at the Oak Hill area. You have to paddle to get there in a Canoe Outpost-Peace River canoe or kayak or in your canoe/kayak that Canoe Outpost-Peace River transported. Sorry, no exceptions.
Oak Hill is for the exclusive use of Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers. If you arrive at your assigned camping or picnic area and someone else is there, call the Outpost at 863-494-1215. Any canoes other than Canoe Outpost-Peace River canoes/kayaks are to leave. There might be day trippers at your spot, they’re only there taking a break and will be leaving soon.
Camping at Oak Hill is primitive tent camping. No electricity, no water, no generators, no RVs, and no popups.
+Camping Gear Delivery
Delivery to campsites starts at 12 noon and ends at 5 p.m. A staff member will be at Oak Hill checking on the camping gear during that time. If you do the 8:00 or 10:00 a.m. Brownville Run, do not expect your camping gear before noon. Pack a lunch and bring drinks. Camping gear delivery starts at 12:00 noon (we don’t leave the Outpost until then) and it is first come, first serve, first checked-in. If you checked in at 8:00, your gear is delivered first. Staff leaves the Outpost at noon and continuously delivers gear until it is all done. Usually one to two trucks deliver the gear in trailers. Gear delivery by bus is not done until a driver is available, so bus deliveries may be later than noon. Please leave the gear bus alone. Don’t let the kids play with all the lights and run the battery dead. Your gear will be delayed in getting back if we have to try and start a dead bus. Do not play with the bus horn!
+Camping Gear Delivery/Busy Times
During busy season (February-May, October-November, and on holiday weekends, only those who are having their camping gear delivered can camp at Oak Hill on Saturday nights. On three day weekends, you must have your gear delivered if staying a Sunday night. If you want to camp at Oak Hill and take your camping gear with you, it needs to be during the week or during slow times. Those that want their gear delivered get a higher priority when reserving campsites at all times.
+Camping Gear Pick Up
Starts at 10:00 a.m. except on Saturdays, which is 12:00 p.m. Upon check-in at office set a time for the camping gear to be picked up or call by cell phone when ready to leave campsite. Gear is picked up by order of phone call. If you don’t call, your gear will be the last to be returned to the Outpost. If you leave camp before the rest of the group is done loading and you get back early, you will have to wait for the camping gear. If leaving early, bring your camping gear with you. If the trailer and/or the bus (fuses pulled, battery run down etc.) has be tampered with and un-drivable, you will have to wait for your camping gear.
+Campsite Clean-up
$50.00 plus $20.00 per hour per staff member needed to clean up campsite. This includes cleaning the beach, paths, around the portocans, and any toilet paper left behind on the ground. This is not a “by request service”. Campsites are inspected after each use. This service will be charged to your Credit Card Authorization if needed after your departure. Please see the CCA fee schedule for additional info or additional fees that may be incurred.
If there is an emergency, call 911 or 863-225-3366 to reach Outpost staff at night. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office will contact staff and work with staff resolving any emergency situations. During the day call 863-494-1215 or 800-268-0083. If it’s not an emergency, then please don’t call emergency services. Noise outside your tent doesn’t constitute an emergency, neither does running out of ice.
Use existing firepits, please, do not start new ones. Firepits cause the ground to die, become sterile and grass does not come back for years. Every tent does not need a firepit. Some sites hardly have room for tents because of all the pits. Be careful with fires especially in grassy areas. Make sure your fire is put out before leaving. Remember to bring buckets for putting out fires. 5 gallon buckets are handy…sit on them, store items in them, and use them for water to put out the fire
There is no firewood at Oak Hill. You need to bring it from home, buy it from us, or pick it up as you come down the river. Be kind to the woods, don’t build 20 foot tall fires, they use up all the wood. Bring firewood or scrap wood from home, less going into the landfill. Green trees and shrubs are not to be cut down and used for firewood! Green trees are the shade trees. Don’t hack on live trees, they become diseased and die. Don’t cut saplings for walking sticks, those are the future shade trees. It gets hot out there without any shade! Firewood can be delivered.
No guns of any kind! This includes paintball, bb, air, airsoft, or pellet guns. No slingshots or bow and arrows of any sort. No fireworks which includes no bottle rockets! There are beautiful wild animals here and we want them to stay. There are neighbors across the river and they will call the Sheriff. You also may have neighboring campers you can’t see. You will be disturbing other campers and could possibly hurt someone. Knock on wood, but in 50 years, Canoe Outpost-Peace River has never had a problem where a customer needed a firearm for “protection”. You leave others and the animals alone, they won’t mess with you. And… you do not have permission to hunt!
Hiking is available via services roads to the rear of each camping area. If you hike towards the west (follow the sunset and with your back to the river) and come to a closed but not locked gate, you can go thru the gate, just make sure you close it behind you. We have cows on the property. The cows are a necessity, the help keep the property taxes down at Oak Hill. Be courteous to fellow campers and do not walk through their campsite. Don’t forget, you can also explore on the river, just paddle up and down. You have the canoes, paddle as much as you’d like.
Be courteous to fellow campers, you may not see them but they can hear you. Please keep the music and party noise down. 10:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. is quiet time.

Speaking of noise, NO Generators!! Anything that runs on gasoline is prohibited. This is wilderness camping and you are infringing on the rights of others to enjoy the wilderness river experience. There have been too many complaints about the noise. There is a regular campground next door to the Arcadia office that is more suited to the type of camping that requires generators. If you need power for medical needs see: http://www.canoeoutpost.com/peace/showpage.asp?page=sleepapnea

Oak Hill is patrolled during the day and into the night. No other vehicles are allowed at Oak Hill except Outpost trucks and/or buses delivering camping gear or checking on campers. The gates are locked at all times. In case of emergency, there is access for law and EMS personnel.

+Outfitted Canoes
All campers including outfitted canoes set up their own camp and take down their own camp. Please repack the equipment back into the containers and original bags if possible if using Outpost equipment unless you have contracted with the Outpost Campmaster.
Do not trespass on private property. Do not go across the river at Oak Hill (eastside) and go up the bank. Stay on the west side, on Outpost property. If at Gardner South, stay only on the east side. Almost all property on the Peace is private property.
Do not take a table from another campsite unless o.k. with main office. Every campsite gets a least one table. Don’t be rude and short other campers. If you move a picnic table onto the beach please put it back in the campsite for the next camper. Extra tables can be ordered for a fee.
+Be Nice
Do not take someone else’s spot. Areas are assigned by group size, by specific request, and/or reservation date. Don’t try switching the signs, we know where everyone is assigned. Sometimes Outpost day-trippers will be picnicking but they leave in just a little while. Camping gear, if being delivered, will be there shortly or already there.
Do not throw cans and bottles in firepits. Cans and bottles do not burn. The Campsite Cleaning Fee and hourly fee will be charged if the campfire has to be cleaned. Bring back all trash unless instructed otherwise. If you do not have your camping gear delivered, do not assume your trash will be picked up! If camping gear is in a bus, place bagged trash by the front door of bus. It will be put on the bus or in the back of a truck or trailer. If your trailer is full of camping gear, leave the bagged trash next to it and staff will pick it up. All trash around and in the campsite is to picked up by campers. Staff will pick it up for a fee.
+Wee-Wee in the Woods
All campsites have access to a portable toilet via a short hike. If you want an in-site or private portable toilet, just let us know and we can order one for you. Please don’t throw your trash on the ground around or in the portocan, take it back to the camp, please. Be courteous to fellow campers and burn, bury, or bring toilet paper out if you don’t use the portable toilets. See the “wee-wee in the woods” attached to your map. Feminine hygiene products and bags of human waste do not biodegrade. The animals will tear into them if left behind. They must be brought out. Be kind to Mother Nature and other campers and don’t leave “calling cards” (white piles of toilet paper). Bring paper bags to collect toilet paper and burn it after meals are cooked. FYI, Baby wipes don’t biodegrade right away, they take years!