Oak Hill Concierge Services

At Canoe Outpost-Oak Hill, we have the exclusive opportunity to offer the following services. No other outfitter on the Peace River has these services.

Camping Gear Delivery using
Canoe Outpost-Peace River Trailer

Every canoe/kayak has to participate. It’s all or none. Camping gear delivery is by reservation only, so we can plan which site and which trailer. You load the trailer yourselves and it is delivered to a pre-arranged site while you are paddling down the river. The trailer stays at the campsite with you. Trailers are open trailers, actually yard trailers, the kind lawn crews use, so bring rope or straps to tie your gear in. You can tarp your gear if you want. Light and little items need to be secured in larger containers as the trailers are on the highway at some point. We recommend Rubbermaid storage containers as the Sterlite brand lids don’t fit as tight as Rubbermaid and are prone to fly off while going down the road. If you use Sterlite storage totes, make sure they are bungeed or duct taped down. Make sure all lids are secure. Canoe Outpost-Peace River is not responsible for securing your camping gear on the trailers or supplying tarps to cover the gear in case of rain. Type of vehicle or trailer is at discretion of Canoe Outpost-Peace River staff. If an additional vehicle or trailer is requested by the customer, there is a $35.00 charge. Maximum of two trailers and/or vehicles per campsite.

15 or more canoes
10-14 canoe


per canoe

6-9 canoes


per canoe

3-5 canoes


per canoe

To Rent our lifejacket



If there are campers coming the following day and paddling and taking their camping gear with them to meet up with folks who had their gear delivered they will be charged the camping gear delivery charge per canoe if applicable. Why? Because they will put their gear on the trailer to be brought back. It’s all or none on the camping gear delivery.

If there are campers coming later in the day or the next day paddling to meet up with campers already in camp and want their camping gear delivered, it will cost $35 per trip plus tax to take their gear up to the camp. 1-2 canoes, we deliver the gear in the back of a truck. 3 or more canoes, you will need a trailer. We may have to pick up the trailer if the 2 trailer maximum has already been filled.

If your vessel count changes up or down, please remember that your gear delivery charges may change too.
If you leave camp before the rest of the group, you must bring your camping gear with you in the canoe or wait for the camping gear to arrive at the scheduled time. Group leaders determine pick up schedule.

Camping Gear Delivery using Customer Vehicle or Trailer

Customer Vehicles: Canoe Outpost-Peace River will drive in customer vehicles (buses or vans) if the group is a tax exempt group such as a church or scouts and the main office has given prior approval. We will also drive in your vehicle towing your trailer. Vehicles, once in Oak Hill are not to be driven out of the assigned campsite. Do not turn the vehicle on at any time.

Customer Trailer: Outpost Staff will put your trailer on our vehicle if you bring one instead of using ours. It must be on the reservation. All the gear for all the canoes must be in your trailer or the trailer is considered just an extra trailer at the $35 price. Everyone will still pay the normal per canoe gear delivery fee if a Canoe Outpost trailer is needed. The trailer will be going through the woods and on the highway at 55 m.p.h. If you bring your own trailer it must have a 2″ ball, a common flat light adapter, and a working crank jackstand on the tongue. No toy haulers or anything similar. No powered trailers or those with bathroom facilities. This is not a campground, it is wilderness camping! Trailers cannot be more than 16′ long excluding the tongue. Trailers are sometimes delivered and picked up by the office staff so easy hookup and unhook is a must.

Canoe Outpost-Peace River is not responsible for any damages to vehicles and/or trailers.

15 or more canoes – No charge if not using Outpost vehicle and/or trailer (max. one free). Additional trailer if needed is $35 plus tax.Less than 15 canoes – $35.00 plus tax.
2 trailers maximum per site and/group.
If you leave camp before the rest of the group, you must bring your camping gear with you in the canoe or wait for the camping gear to arrive at the scheduled time. Group leaders determine pick up schedule.

Concierge Service and Special Runs:

Special runs are dependent on driver and vehicle availability. All calls for campsite deliveries must be made by 3:00 p.m. and no deliveries or runs after 5:00 p.m. You can also pre-arrange any deliveries at check-in before you start your trip. Delivery time is at our discretion but usually by 5:00 p.m.

“Ran out of ice Run” – $4.00 per bag delivered. Min. 2 bags if delivery is just ice.
“Ran out of firewood Run” – $8.00 per bundle delivered. Min. 2 bundles if delivery is just for wood.
“Ran out of Food/Beer/Cigarettes (Grocery Store) Run” – $25.00 fee plus cost of items. No beer until after 1:00 on Sundays. Most of our staff is underaged so beer delivery has to be in the late afternoon when all the drivers and of age folks are back to base camp and can go to the store. Beer run can be combined with liquor store run.
“Ran out of refreshments “(Liquor Store) Run” – $25.00 fee plus cost of items. Run not available until after 1:00 on Sundays. We also have to wait until later in the afternoon for this run because most of the staff is under 21. The over 21 staff is driving your bus, at lunch, or in the office, so when they are done with their normal duties, they can run to the store.
“Missed the Campsite Run” – $25.00 per canoe to take paddlers back to Oak Hill by bus. We drop you in the Lagoon, you still need to paddle a few minutes to get to your campsite.
“Latecomer Run” – $25.00 to drop off 1-2 people and 1 canoe at Oak Hill, only for those that want to join a group and can’t get to Arcadia until late in the afternoon. Reservation must be made by group leader only. Not a regular service or one that is readily available. Canoe must be paid for by group at time of sign-in to receive any discounts. You paddle to the camping spot, you are not delivered there.
“Lost or Forgot Camping Gear Run” – $25.00 to take one person or staff member to run from Arcadia to Oak Hill and back for gear. Does not include rental of camping gear.
“Firewood Run” – If you run out of firewood while in camp, we can deliver more at $8.00 per bundle.
All special runs are plus the cost of the purchases. Payment to be made by credit card with a filled out credit card authorization or cash. No special deliveries before noon. Usually we deliver ice and “ran out” items between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. We have to have adult staff pick up supplies and they’re our bus drivers or our office staff. So once the runs and lunches are done, we can go to the store for you. You will have to wait awhile on busy weekends and holidays. All staff will be busy picking up trailers and buses or on the dock taking care of canoes coming in. We also cannot drive to your campsite with a delivery if it involves disturbing other campers. We deliver at our convenience so plan ahead.

At Oak Hill there are scattered portable toilets, all within a short hike of each campsite. You share with other campers. Don’t want to share? Order a private portable toilet that is put in your campsite for $100 plus tax. Some campers even get more than one, it’s up to you. If everyone pitches in, you spread the cost across the entire group and everyone shares the convenience. They are cleaned and locked until you arrive in camp. Then we unlock them. We suggest you bring your own locks just in case the neighbors think they can share too. Don’t forget to bring toilet paper, the portable toilets only come with 2 rolls of paper. Portable toilets need to be reserved in advance so we have time to load them on a trailer and get them to the campsite. Call 863-494-1215 to order or learn to wee-wee in the woods. Wee-wee in the woods means dig and hole, do your business, and bury it!

Note: Oak Hill is only accessible by canoe or kayak. We will not drive anyone into or out of Oak Hill. You have to paddle to get in/out of there.You cannot bring a boat. Your friends cannot bring a boat and visit you.If a latecomer, see above under “Latecomer”. You must be a paying customer of Canoe Outpost-Peace River to use Oak Hill.All prices are plus 7.5% state sales tax.Only Canoe Outpost-Peace River staff drives vehicles/trailers into and out of Oak Hill. No one rides in or out with vehicles/trailers. No exceptions.All special runs are dependent as to where your campsite is. Canoe Outpost-Peace River staff will not drive through another campsite to make a delivery or if the roads are impassable. If we go to the grocery store and the liquor store it is $25 plus $25, not just one fee. Going to more than one store uses more gas and more staff time. Plan ahead! If you have a large order, be prepared to either meet us in the Lagoon by canoe or walk thru the woods to meet us if we can’t drive to your campsite. (Hickory Hammock or High Point only, all other campsites have service roads)