Oak Hill Campsites

Canoe Outpost-Oak Hill Picnic/Camping Area Guide

Oak Hill is 150 acres of the true, Florida complete with cypress swamp, piney ridge, oak and hickory hammocks, and unsurpassed views of the river. It’s located about halfway between Brownville and Arcadia and is a favorite stopping point for Canoe Outpost picnickers and campers. Developed for the exclusive use of Canoe Outpost customers, Oak Hill offers a secluded lagoon, grassy fields, shaded picnic areas, picnic tables, scattered portable toilets, and hiking trails. Picnic areas/camping spots are marked with blue signs with the Canoe Outpost logo for the paddler’s convenience. The camping spots can also be reserved for those spending the night on the river and for a fee depending on group size, you can even have your camping gear delivered to a spot on the river.

First Chance and Hickory Hammock are the first spots on the right. Nestled under a grove of hickory trees with a mixture of oaks and cypress, these shady sites are very popular. Footpaths from the beach area provide access. There’s a fossil bed in right in front of this area and more just upriver.

Just to the south along the river on the right watch for Cypress Knee and the Stump up on Ridge Road. They are high bank sites with a spectacular view of the river. Best to have your gear delivered to these spots. Fossils are found in this area.

Around the bend past Cypress Knee watch for High Point just before the Lagoon. Beach your canoes on the sandy beach and follow the path through the willows. This is a popular site because of the low bank.

Across the mouth of the Lagoon from High Point is Peace Point Uno and Dos. Beach your canoes on the shared limestone beach and head up the sandbank to the shady camping areas either side of the sinkhole. This is a favorite stopping point for day trippers to take a swim and grab a bite. These high, shady bank camps have a good view of the river. Peace Point Uno is a group site and overflows into Buzzard. Peace Point Dos can hold 3-4 tents.

Turn right into the Lagoon and head west and you’ll see on the immediate left a rustic site down by the water with room for 1-2 canoes called Osprey. Continue west into the lagoon you’ll see paths heading up the steep bank on the left. These lead to Eagle and Turkey. These are good sized grassy campsites nestled under the oaks. Best if you have your camping gear delivered to Eagle and Turkey because of the steep bank.

When you run out of water in the inlet west of High Point and the Peace Points, you’ll be at The Lagoon or JoJo’s Camp, the most popular campsite for groups. This site offers seclusion and plenty of room. The Lagoon is a large grass meadow stretching to the west and bordered on one side by Gator Pond. Large oaks on the west end offer shade. Up the hill is grassy Oak Bluff and a few more high water campsites. Paddle back out to Peace Point beach for a swim and a wave to the passing canoes.

Turn around and head back out of the Lagoon and around the bend from the Peace Points is Cypress Point. This site is perfect for groups with its rolling hills and open areas. The site is situated under huge oaks with a sandy beach and a wonderful view of the river through the willows.

Continuing south are Rock Island, Catfish Way, Armadillo Way, and Palmetto Point, just a few steps through the willows. All have camping for 2-3 tents right on the water or go up over the bank and cross the trail and camp on the grassy knolls, plenty of room there.

Between Palmetto Point and South Oak is Hilltop or the Honeymoon Suite. Hilltop has a small beach but is a grassy little hill surrounded by palmettos.
South Oak Camp, just to the south is marked by a huge overhanging oak at the water’s edge. Follow the paths up the bank to a large opening in the palmettos to set up camp.
Lone Palm is next, with camping farther back into the trees on a large grassy knoll. Nice shady spot.
The southernmost point of Oak Hill is the Last Chance site. Miss this one and you need to turn around.

Note: If you are new to the Oak Hill area, as soon as you start to see the blue signs, start watching for your spot’s name and/or a paper plate with the name of your party on it. Signs are high up in the trees, you have to pay attention. You will usually see other canoes already there, slow down! Again, Last Chance or a little dock on the left in front of a screened enclosure mean you have gone too far.

All campsites are within a short hike of a portable toilet. If you don’t want to hike to the portable toilet, make sure you burn, bury, or bring out your toilet paper. There is also the option of renting your own portable toilet. Call for details.
All campsites are connected by hiking trails with maps available. Please don’t hike through other camper’s camps.
Campsites can be reserved. Reservations are a must for the Lagoon, Cypress Point, and South Oak and large groups have top priority for these sites.

The Oak Hill Advantage: Only 12 or 8 miles of paddling, we can take-in and take-out your camping gear, no limit to size of group, camping areas can be reserved, scattered portable toilets, all sites have at least one picnic table, and concierge services.

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