Kids Can Paddle All Trip Info

Kids Can Paddle Fine Print & General Information:

  • These trips are intended for organized youth groups, not family or friend trips.
  • These trips are for Rec Groups, any tax-exempt organization, Home Schoolers (we will work with Home Schoolers on group size).
  • Minimum number of canoes is 10.
  • Minimum number of kids is 21, minimum 3 people per canoe.
  • Weekdays only and reservations are required.
  • Once your reservation is made, we will email a more detailed packet with all the necessary forms and information.
  • We’re flexible on times, just let us know.
  • All outings and paddles include the use of the dock at the end of the trip so kids can have a blast jumping off the dock and swimming in the river under your supervision.
  • There is also a large grassy field by the picnic area and volleyball net for some more fun.
  • This pricing is only available to youth groups such as County and City Recreation Departments, school groups, church groups, homeschoolers etc.
  • Chaperones as per the following chart are free.
  • Make sure everyone brings snacks and plenty to drink.
  • The Oak Hill Run/5-mile paddle is best for groups with smaller kids, those on a schedule, or those planning on eating after the trip. Oak Hill is also the best choice if the water is low.
  • The Brownville Run/8-mile paddle is for those groups with older kids.
  • Plan on at least two people per canoe and you can put 3-4 kids per canoe if you want.
  • Special youth pricing does not apply to kayaks, solo or tandem.
  • If the water is up, we supply a motorboat escort just in case any problems arise.
  • All PFDs are ski jacket style and we have all sizes. We supply PFDs for the paddles and all fossil tours.
  • All our vehicles are FDOT inspected and all our drivers are FHSMV CDL licensed.
  • We are vetted in Desoto County and insured.
  • Canoe Outpost-Peace River has been in business since 1969. We’re Florida’s oldest outfitter.
  • If you are a group that can’t make the minimum amount of kids or canoes to qualify for the youth pricing, just give us a call, we may have other options and will certainly try to work with you.
  • All pricing is plus 7.5% sales tax unless sales tax exemption certificate (DR-14) is supplied per FDOR requirements.
Adult Chaperone to Kid Ratios (Hot Dog & Paddles)

Pre-School  1:5

K – 5  1:10

Middle/High School  1:15

Adult Chaperone to Kid Ratios (Fossil Hunts)

Pre-School/Elementary (Grades K-5)    1:5

Middle School (Grades 6-8)    1:10

High School (Grades 9-12)    1:15

Contact Us


Canoe Outpost-Peace River
2816 NW County Rd. 661,
Arcadia, FL 34266

*Paddle Trips are dependent on water levels and driver availability. Prices subject to change without notice.

Canoe Outpost-Peace River Safety Tips & Hints


Group: Stay with the group. Do not lag behind or paddle ahead. Assign a lead and drag canoe and keep the group in the middle.

Inclement Weather: See following page

Lifejackets are required. Federal law requires everyone have a lifejacket that fits. Adult jackets are on the bus. Kids, 90 lbs. and under, must be fitted with a jacket at the office. Do not use the lifejacket belt to tie the canoes together; law requires that jackets are easily accessible. Bring bungees or rope or ask at the desk. We recommend you bring something to tie together just in case someone is too tippy or holding the group back because of inexperience. Tie together to keep things moving.

Personal Canoes & Kayaks: All personal canoes, kayaks, and other vessels not registered with Canoe Outpost must take out at the public boat ramp and cannot stop on Canoe Outpost property (insurance rules). Being “part of a group” does not mean automatic registration as Canoe Outpost customers. Renting a canoe or canoes from Canoe Outpost does not mean that all friends, family, and associates with their own canoes/kayaks automatically become registered Canoe Outpost customers.

Private Property: The Peace River is bordered on both sides by private property. Paddlers must stay near the water and below the high water mark. Trespassers can and will be prosecuted. Any homes, cabins, anchored boats, docks, and picnic areas other than Oak Hill are private property and off limits. Be considerate and don’t stop and use these areas. There are no public facilities or property along the river. No hiking trails.

Safety: Paddlesports can be a hazardous sport.
Please be careful and follow all safety rules.

  • Do not jump or dive from vessels, bridges, banks, rope swings, or trees. It’s not worth never walking again.
  • Swim with caution. Look around first before swimming, wade out into water and check for depth and underwater objects.
  • Shoes are recommended.  Wear shoes in the water.
  • Do not feed, handle, or molest any wildlife, in or out of the water, this includes all forms of mammals, reptiles, and insects. Watch where you step, look before reaching into trees & shrubs etc. Possession of any alligator dead or alive, whole or part of, is against the law.
  • It is illegal to remove air plants, orchids, and other wild plants. Do not touch or ingest any part of any plant.

Tipping: We do not recommend tipping the canoes or kayaks. If you tip a vessel, everyone needs to stop and try and get it back up and empty. Try to grab all the gear, other canoes in the group should catch the gear going downstream. If the vessel cannot be retrieved, look around and make note of its location. Look for a landmark such as a house, funny tree, sandy beach, and which side of the river it is on, staff will retrieve it. Do not leave anyone with the vessel, those who tipped need to get in other vessels and continue the trip. Do not allow anyone to try and “walk out”. If you stay with the canoe or where the incident happened, staff and/or rescue service can find you easier. Just stay close to river.

Water Levels: if the water is over 24” above normal, Canoe Outpost-Peace River has a boat on the ready for any mishaps. At 48” above normal, the boat will be on the water, checking on the group. Below 24” above normal, boat can be launched but is rarely needed. At 24” below normal and lower, fossil hunting is good, but there might be sandbars and the group will need to zigzag to avoid running aground. Sometimes paddlers have to get out so the canoe can float over the sandbar.