FAQ (Know Before You Go)

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we get at Canoe Outpost-Peace River.
Don’t see your question on the list? Just give a call or shoot us an email.
+Which way does the river flow?
River flows from North to South. Starts around Lake Hancock and flows to the Charlotte Harbor
+How fast is the current?
At normal levels the Peace River is considered a Class One river, good for beginners. The current is only about a mile per hour.
+What is the best time of year to go?
Best times to go are Spring and Fall
+What is the water level?
Water level varies as to rainfall.
+Why can’t we go to Zolfo Springs when the water is high or low?
We want everyone to have a good time. When the water is high, there is no place to camp and the river is harder to navigate. When the water is low, there is too much walking and dragging the canoes over fallen trees and sandbars
+What is the water clarity?
The Peace River is a blackwater river. Tannic acid from tree leaves turn it dark. During normal water levels it looks like iced tea.
+Is the river fresh or salt water?
River is freshwater even though you will see saltwater critters. The unofficial dividing line between fresh and saltwater is the Fort Ogden Trestle.
+Are boats allowed on the river?
Boat are allowed but during normal water there are a lot of paddlers out there and lots of underwater trees. During low water, there are lots of sandbars and limestone exposed. During high water, most boats can’t get through the railroad trestle because of log jams
+Is it safe?
We can’t guarantee your safety. Any and all outdoor water activities have inherent dangers. Need to be careful and use common sense. Don’t be the “hold my beer” person.
+What kind of fish are in the river and can you fish?
Go to Fishing under things to do. There is fishing on the river.
+What will I see on the river?
You’ll see turtles, alligators, llamas, cows, a variety of birds, and lots of fish. If it’s a quiet day, watch for deer, fox, eagles, otters etc. On busy weekend you might only see the two-legged wildlife.
+Are there alligators?
Are you in Florida? Gators are all up and down the river. Just stay away from them and they won’t bother you.
+How do we get back to our vehicle?
On all our paddle trips, you paddle right back to your car. No end of trip pickups.
+Can we swim?
Folks swim in the river all the time. Look around first for critters, wade in and cool off. Don’t jump or dive into the river, it can be shallow.
+Who owns the property along the river?
Most of the property along the river is private property. There are a few scattered county and state parks. If you don’t own it, some else does.
+What should I bring?
See our Trip Planner pages for hints and tips. If on a Day Run, just pack like you’re going to the beach.
+Can I bring a cooler?
Need to bring something to drink especially on hot days. We can loan you a small cooler. Just leave the big white coffin coolers at home. 40 quart and lower fit fine.
+Are alcoholic beverages allowed?
Adult beverages are allowed. Please drink responsibly and don’t bring glass. We can’t recycle it.
+Can we hunt along the river?
No hunting allowed, it’s all private or park land along the river.
+Can we have fires?
Fires are fine, just keep them under control and put it out completely when done.
+Can I bring my dog?
Well-behave dogs and other pets are welcome. Just keep them on a leash and clean up their messes. We have dogs running loose on the grounds so everyone needs to behave.
+How are the mosquitoes?
+Where and how do I find fossils?
See our fossil information under Things to Do
+Are there restrooms along the way?
Restrooms are scattered on the river. Our customers can use the restrooms at Gardner, Arcadia, and the portocans at Oak Hill. Public restrooms can be found at Crews Park, Pioneer Park, Brownville Park, and Veteran’s Park.
+Will we see manatees?
Sometimes manatees come up the river from the south but only during high water.
+Will you hold the bus for us?
Sorry, no holding the bus. Other folks have been checked in and it’s not fair to make the wait any longer than they already have.
+Where do we get our lifejackets, paddles, and/or cushions?
All the necessary paddlegear in on the bus or the put-in point. If you want to rent seatbacks or want a fitted lifejacket to wear, ask at office. In the state of Florida, kids, under six, must have theirs on while boat is underway. It is recommended that everyone where their lifejacket.
+What’s the weather going to do?
Google the 34266 area code to check it. We can’t predict the weather.
+Will I catch any fish?
We can’t predict the fishing.
+Where’s the three-legged dog and the bulldog, Magnus?
We lost both a few years back. Canine Concierge Ziggy is getting old and over does it. He can be seen limping around on 3 legs. Canine Concierge Winston is our rambunctious bulldog. Canine Concierge Marley is a part beagle/Red & Tan hound that just wandered up one day.
+Can I feed the squirrels?
We recommend that you don’t! The little rascals have some sharp teeth.
+Who answers the phone?
When you call, you will usually talk to Diane or Jeorgia. Sometimes Becky or Trent will answer.
+I have my own canoe/kayak:
why can’t I use your facilities for free, why won’t you transport my boat for free, why can’t I camp on your property for free, why can’t I use your picnic area for free, why can’t I ride your bus for free, why can’t I use your dock for free, why can I use your lifejackets, cushions, and paddles for free or why can’t I park for free? Please see our information for Personal Paddlers.
+What’s the difference between the 12 mile and 8 mile trip?
Uh, 4 miles.
+Is the information on your website true?
Nope, we make it all up.
+Do you rent canoes?
Nope, bicycles and hot air balloons. JK!